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Birth Doula

As your birth doula I will be there to offer you emotional, physical, and informational support through pregnancy, labour and delivery. We build a trusting relationship, and I offer non-judgmental support so that we can discuss your birth options and collaborate to create a birth plan around your needs and preferences, addressing any worries or concerns as they emerge. I will be on call from 2 weeks before your due date until your baby is born, and will support you through labour to help you feel calm and in control. If you are planning a home birth, we will also plan and set up a safe space in your house in preparation for the big day. The following services are included in the Birth package:

3 prenatal visits (about 2h each)

I will meet you and your partner (if applicable) to discuss your birth preferences and answer any questions you might have.


Birth plan preparation

I will assist you in creating a birth plan that reflects your preferences and wishes for birth. I will help you make a visual and concise plan to take with you to the delivery.


Postpartum planning

I will support you to prepare for the postpartum period, including support with breastfeeding, newborn care, and self-care.


On-call availability

I will be available 24/7 starting two weeks before your due date until the baby is born.


Labour support

I will be with you during labour to provide emotional and physical support to the birthing person and partner. This may include massage, breathing techniques, and other comfort measures.



I will help the birthing person and partner to navigate the medical care system, and advocate for their preferences and wishes (where applicable).


Breastfeeding support

I can provide breastfeeding guidance while you and your baby adjust. 


2 postnatal visits (about 2h each)

I will offer you my support beyond birth and will visit you at home to provide any help you might need, including breastfeeding, care for the baby, self-care for the parents, etc. You will have me with an open heart and listening ear to debrief your birth and talk through anything that you find challenging.


Virtual support

I will be available to answer any questions you might have from the moment you book me and until 2 weeks after birth, either by phone, text or email.


Referral to additional resources

Should you need additional help that I can’t offer I will provide you with the relevant resources and/or refer you to the qualified specialists.


I’ll encourage your partner to care for your needs in a calm and confident manner, or I can be your birth partner should you wish. If planning a home birth, I can look after your other children so that you can concentrate exclusively on the birth of your baby.

Hiring a birth doula can have many benefits, including shorter labour, fewer medical interventions, and higher satisfaction with the birth experience. By receiving emotional, physical and informational support, you will feel more confident and empowered during this transformative and sacred time.

Schedule your free initial consultation or get in touch directly to discuss this package and the questions you might have.


Should you need help with a payment plan, don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss the available options.

This package can a wonderful gift for expectant parents to offer at a baby shower or a mother blessing ceremony. Please get in touch to arrange the details.

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