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Postnatal Doula

Now that your baby is born and you are both adjusting to this new reality, things are quite different to what they used to be. Life as a “newborn parent” can prove challenging both emotionally and physically. Many parents find that they have put a lot of energy into birth preparation, but once the baby arrived they feel overwhelmed and underprepared. 

In the past, families had access to close-knit communities for support in raising their children. But with the move towards big cities, new parents have become more isolated, living far from extended family and disconnected from their communities. This isolation can leave new mothers and fathers feeling overwhelmed and stressed in their parenting duties. A doula can be of great help for parents in such cases. She will be there to offer you all the support you need, make you feel loved and taken care of. And will bring in extensive knowledge on how to take care of both you and your newborn. 

The fourth trimester must be taken “seriously” by birthing people, the Indian saying claims that “the first 40 days of life will impact the next 40 years of life”. It is recommended that this period is dedicated for the newborn to adjust to the new environment and for the birthing person to rest and recuperate after birth. Both the parents and the baby have just gone through a massive transition, which can feel overwhelming at times. It is so important to take the time and get all the love that you can get to adjust to this new reality. As your postnatal doula I will be there to give you all my love and care. I do love to hold and cuddle a newborn, but my focus will be the parents, I will “mother the mother” and the partner so they feel like they are giving their best to this new role. 

As your postnatal doula I can help you during your fourth trimester and beyond, either for a few hours, a few weeks, or up to a few months, so you can take all the time you need to settle into this new role. I will help you gain confidence in taking care of yourself and your baby, as you attain new skills. It doesn’t matter if this is your first baby, second or fourth, each postnatal period might prove different and you could need more or less support.  As your postnatal doula I can help with the points below, and more: 

Emotional support

We can discuss and debrief your birth, but also deal with any emotions that are coming up as you care for your newborn. I will listen to your concerns and provide information and reassurance.


Practical support

I can help you cook healthy and nourishing meals, do some light house work, and care for the newborn or help with older children.


Breastfeeding support

I can provide breastfeeding guidance while you and your baby adjust. 


Referral to additional resources

Should you have any questions that are out of my scope, I will refer you to competent specialists such as lactation consultants or massage therapists, or suggest support groups suited for your needs.


Hiring a postnatal doula can have many benefits, including reduced stress, improved breastfeeding outcomes, and increased confidence in newborn care. By providing practical, emotional, and informational support, my aim is for you and your family to have a smoother transition into parenthood.

Schedule your free initial consultation or get in touch directly to discuss this option and the questions you might have.

This package can be a wonderful gift for expectant parents to offer at a baby shower or a mother blessing ceremony. Please get in touch to arrange the details.

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